Disgusted: I must take issue at the vitriol spewed out by Diane Parnell about the Democratic Party. It is quite obvious she does not know, or care about, the history of the party.

Think just for a moment about what the party has accomplished: Women's right to vote, Social Security Act, Medicare, Medicaid, equal pay for women, the right to choose, and on and on an on.

Too bad she is highly infected with the Trump virus, stating how the CNN and WNBC stations lie when her dear president has been proven to lie over 15,000 times (proven) by networks that report the news, not just what they are allowed to broadcast by the Republican Party, which is so afraid of the loud mouth, name-calling guy in the Oval Office.

Now he is doing Putin's bidding by removing 12,000 military troops from Germany because they do not pay more than 1.38 percent of GDP for defense and sending them to Belgium and Italy (which have not asked for them), where those two countries pay only 1.22 percent of GDP. Good reasoning by a dumb leader!

It is a known fact that this would weaken Germany and the U.S. and strengthen Russia. Get your facts straight, and please get some antibiotics for that virus.

By the way, did you know that Trump is going to back out of the race! Betcha! Maybe he will move to Russia since he gets such "beautiful" letters from Putin and talks weekly.

Dot Johnson