Hypocrisy. Nepotism. If you asked an Arkansan why they hate politics, those two issues would likely come up again and again. I bring them up because of my state representative, Brandt Smith. Rep. Smith is mostly known for pushing anti-Sharia bills in the state house, even though he couldn’t point out a single instance in Arkansas where anyone tried to apply Sharia law. Of interest to me is this quote of his from Arkansas Times:

“… Most of these immigrants tend to cluster in areas where there are other people of the same ethnicity and cultural background, so they have a hard time assimilating into our country …”

When the Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library put out a display for Pride Month, it drew the ire of some who couldn’t accept that queer people deserve representation; in other words, these people, who shared a cultural background, simply could not assimilate into the modern United States. Does Rep. Smith condemn this? No; he threatens the library’s funding. Despite his grandstanding, in his eyes “Christian” law is superior to the laws of Arkansas and America.

Fast forward to yesterday, when I discovered that one of the new nominees for the library board campaigned for her spot by declaring herself a voice for Christians to oppose the LGBTQ+ agenda. Interestingly, this woman is Rep. Smith’s daughter. I’m sure there’s nothing transactional about that.

Won’t you join me in tearing down the good ol’ boy network and vote people like Rep. Smith out next year?

Steven Summers