Under President Barack Obama, the deficit increased $9 trillion over eight years. Works out to $30 billion daily. Republicans whined and groaned every step of the way.

Under President Donald Trump, the deficit increased $8 trillion over four years. This works out to $50.5 billion daily. Republicans embraced this level of historic debt increase, giving Trump every penny of new debt he wanted. No whining, just historic debt increases under Trump

Now that it is time to begin paying this historic debt under Trump, the Republicans are threatening to shut down the government and stop paying those in the military and Social Security recipients. I believe someone who racks up a lot of debt and does not pay is called a deadbeat.

If you support a deadbeat, that is your prerogative. But if our government defaults on debts owed our military, our seniors on Social Security, and other debts, the Republicans are 100% to blame. Raising the debt ceiling is not about paying future debts, it is about paying debts from the past.

The withdrawal from Afghanistan resulted in something that has never happened in the history of mankind. The American military, under the leadership of Commander in Chief Joseph Biden, evacuated 140,000 souls from a war-torn, terrorist country in about 30 days.

The historic event was not without tragedy. Thirteen American heroes died and 20 more heroes were injured. About 170 Afghans died and hundreds were injured. Imagine how many more might have died if the evacuation started in May and ISIS had 120 days to plot murdering Americans instead of 30 days. No matter when the evacuation started, Afghans would have flocked to the Kabul airport in hopes of getting out.

You have a right to criticize the military for leaving behind a few hundred Americans and Afghans who helped America in the fight against Afghan terrorists. But while you criticize those left behind, you should at the same time praise the military for the 140,000 Americans and Afghans evacuated.

It is interesting watching Fox News talking heads never mention the 140,000 evacuated. It’s like the old saying, “It ain’t about what you did that matters one twit; the only thing that matters is what you did not do." This is the mindset of millions of Americans.

In my opinion, saving 140,000 souls in less than a month matters greatly. It is sad a few hundred were not evacuated, but people are still getting out safely as I write this letter.

Terry Dancer