I would like to commend Chris Wessel on his column published this past Sunday in The Jonesboro Sun. So many honest and truthful observations were made. Honest and truthful are two particularly important words that have been severely lacking in the rhetoric coming from President Donald Trump and many of those who support him.

Honesty and truth have become casualties of those who have been trying to keep a man in power even though most of the American voters in the past election voted to end his presidency. Months before the election Trump began with ”the election would be rigged if I do not win.”

With no proof or evidence, over 50 court cases were thrown out, the cry was still voter fraud. The honest and truthful answer, those two words again, is that our democracy and Constitution have been attacked by those who would continue to tell these falsehoods and go, to what appears almost any length, to keep one man in power.

Sun Editor Chris Wessel was correct in calling for 1st Congressional Congressman Rick Crawford's resignation. He has violated his oath to the Constitution and chose to follow the calling of the likes of radical Senator's Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley in the lies they have told.

Again, thank you Mr. Wessel, former lifelong Republican.

Kenny J. Tolbert

Jonesboro/Prairie Grove