During this trying time I would like to share some of the experiences both my husband and I have encountered. It has been very humbling as well as developing an awareness of the goodness and concern of our fellow man.

I was going to get my mail and there had been a previous downpour of rain. When I stepped off the curb, I slipped and fell. A passing car stopped and the driver offered assistance and determined the status of my fall.

In another instance I was shopping at Walmart and a young lady stopped and introduced herself, handed me her card and stated that I didn't need to be doing my shopping, that she would happy to do it for me and deliver the articles. Wow!

At another time I had been taking a stroll and had stopped to admire God's handiwork and a gentleman stopped his car and asked if I needed some help.

My husband was returning from a trip to Paragould when his car became overheated. He pulled over to the side of the road. Some young men who were passing by stopped to see if they could be of assistance and expressed concern about his waiting in the hot weather. They offered to let him sit in their air-conditioned car while they helped him. Great testimony for an awareness of our young people. Thank you.

I just wanted to express my gratitude and encourage those who purpose to do good. Sometimes it is easy to focus on the negative experiences in our lives and take for granted the many kindnesses shown toward us.

I am 81 and my precious husband is 86. We bless you.

Sharon Smith