It’s a shame about the library. Parents no longer trust that their children are safe to roam the shelves! But the reason is not that the library is unsafe; it’s that religiously and politically motivated activists are furious that other sexual orientations and religions are represented.

They are happy to lie to the community to reach their goals, which is to rid the library of any material that doesn’t agree with their personal beliefs. Let me be perfectly clear: There is nothing sexually explicit in the children’s section of CCJPL.

When asked for examples of “sexually explicit material” in the children’s section, they will list "GenderQueer" (adult graphic novel section), "It’s Perfectly Normal" or "The Bare Naked Book" (parent/teacher section), or books from the teen section, which is separated from the children’s section by a wall.

Claiming that there is “pornography” rampant in the children’s section stirs outrage, which is all the censors want. They want you angry so that they can gain control of the content available to the entire community and make sure that it mirrors their views.

And it is working. No one is required to read any book in the library, but if we don’t stand up against censorship, what is available to our entire community will be threatened because of a small group of small-minded people who hope to force their beliefs on everyone in the community.

Ali Conn