Another newspaper report of a shooting involving several people. Such redacted reports from the Jonesboro Police Department are largely useless for specific newsworthy information except for the purpose of gossip.

I guess I could call the report of seizures of 45-caliber casings and a 45-caliber projectile specific information. The suspect was known as Mimi. No location or hint of location given.

I would blame The Sun for publishing such a useless concoction of information, but this seems to be a form of payback from the Jonesboro Police Department. They are apparently mad after losing the court case that said they had to provide information about police cases whether they wanted to or not.

It seems in general that Jonesboro is being taken over by gangs roaming the streets. Who knows what their various purposes are. Apparently that cannot be determined from the redacted reports referring to the police actions?

Gangs going around kneecapping their enemies, that seems to be a lot of what we have. The local police report minimal and mostly useless information. These nonsense redacted reports are just police slaps in the face to the Jonesboro public.

See what you get when the local newspaper wins a court case against the city and police department. Police get mad and the public gets little useful information. For all I know this happened just down the street from where I live.

Murderous gangs roam and shoot and sometimes kill. Is Jonesboro a safe city to live? No.

Harold Carter