It’s time President Donald Trump packed his bags and headed to Mozambique. It’s one of a few dozen countries that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the U.S..

It won’t be long after his defeat that he’ll resume civilian status and his transaction value with business moguls and political despots will evaporate. Putin will have no use for him. Mohammed bin Salman, MBS, of Saudi Arabia will share Putin’s disregard, as will Xi Jinping in China and the Emir of Qatar.

In essence Trump will transition from a blowhard with enormous power and influence to just being a blowhard.

Leaving the safe cocoon provided by the office of the president will strip him of his legal defenses and expose him to a barrage of lawsuits, both civil and criminal.

Dozens and dozens of lawsuits. The Emperor will have no legal protections. The cost in time and personal resources to defend these cases will be devastating.

Yes, a presidential pardon will protect Trump from federal charges, but he’s facing a myriad of lawsuits from states across the country.

And states, when necessary, can invoke the doctrine of dual sovereignty.

This doctrine allows states that share legal authority (sovereignty) with the federal government to sidestep the double jeopardy clause and prosecute defendants for the same offense. If a defendant enjoys the protections of a presidential pardon on federal charges, state’s can prosecute the defendant for the same offenses if said charges fall within their jurisdiction.

Trump can run, but he can’t hide — provided he remains in the United States.

To pardon himself is too dicey a proposition. He could resign after the election but before Jan. 20, and negotiate a pardon from president Mike Pence, but this will have only marginal benefits.

Trump needs to find a safe haven now; one like Mozambique that has no extradition treaty with the U.S., and begin transferring assets now in advance of his escape.

“Making Mozambique Great Again” should keep him, Ivanka, Don, Jr., and Eric busy making new hats, crying towels and building a network of four-story Trump Towers along Mozambique’s coastline with the Indian Ocean.

This is bigly big.

Harry Herget

Germantown, Tenn.