"Lives, Fortunes and Sacred Honor." These four words are quite possible the least used words by our current day politicians and so-called leaders. I have not heard anyone in our national government in Washington, D.C., utter the words "fortune or sacred honor" in the context of their personal sacrifices.

All the signers of the Declaration of Independence pledged these three things to each other.

The signers of the document did not hide behind black clothing with hoods and masks to make their case for breaking away from England and the King. They did not ransack and burn buildings. What they did do in the Declaration of Independence is to lay out their grievances and declare our independence from England and the King We are, to this day, independent of England.

No citizen of the United States is answerable to any dictator, king, president, crown prince, chief, prime minister, queen or any other head of state of any country in the world. At the rate of change that we are undergoing, this may not be true much longer.

On Memorial Day weekend we solemnly remember those men and women who gave their all that this great country should remain great. We should also remember those who were wounded and maimed and whose lives were forever changed because of all the wars fought in the name of freedom.

Cancel culture is growing at a rapid rate and our heritage is being destroyed from within. This must stop. There must be a solution to the problems that we as a nation face today. If not solved, we will become a third-rate country like so many that you can name.

Do we want to be like countries in Europe, Asia, Africa or others on the North and South American continents? Take your pick. China, "no," Germany, "no," Venezuela, "no." How about Mexico, Guatemala or Honduras? Why do you think these people are streaming to this country? It is the last best hope for mankind to enjoy freedoms that do not exist in other parts of the world.

Will you pledge your life, fortune and sacred honor to your fellow Americans to keep us safe and free?

Don Haile