It has been duly noted that our mayor, Harold Copenhaver, does not like Jonesboro residents asking questions, especially at city council meetings.

This new administration is doing everything in its power to discourage and restrict the residents from knowing what is going on.

Contrary to saying they will be open and transparent, meetings continue to be held with little notice, or none, about important matters.

Simply reading a pre-written speech does not mean you are actually doing the right thing.

It is also duly noted that no member of the administration can answer the public. As we saw at the last council meeting, all questions must be addressed to the mayor. And any emails will be answered by his spokesman.

And I can duly note that council members who wanted to get rid of public comment at council meetings now have a friend in the mayor.

So I will duly note for my fellow residents, the mayor and his administration are locking the doors to input because the mayor and his spokesman believe that his administration is above explaining their actions — or taking actions.

I pray that others will join the handful of residents who are risking their jobs or reputations by asking questions.

The mayor and his banker and developer friends will duly note who you are.

Carol Stevens