With the election drawing closer each day I want to address something that I hear repeated from time to time that bothers me. It’s a statement that usually goes something like this: “I just can’t vote for Trump because he’s just too coarse, or he’s too ill mannered or too offensive.”

In a way I do understand why you might feel that way, especially when you consider that you’ve had help forming your opinion from an unashamedly biased news media that hasn’t reported a single story on the man in anything but the most negative manner in well over four years.

While it may be true that Trump doesn’t always have the best bedside manner, I believe that we must first and foremost look at results.

Under his administration the U.S. has become the world’s largest energy producer and is now energy independent. He has reigned in the EPA and gotten rid of many costly regulations that hurt businesses, although there’s more to be done.

He signed tax legislation that helps promote school choice for families. He signed an executive order that prohibits the U.S. government from discriminating against Christians or punishing expressions of faith. He officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol.

Under him poverty rates and unemployment numbers for blacks (prior to the virus anyway) were at the lowest levels since records have been kept. These are just a few accomplishments you won’t hear anything about from the liberal press.

A few weeks ago Rush Limbaugh gave what I thought was a fitting analogy. He compared the president to George S. Patton. For those who may not remember, Patton was a rough and tough, even ruthless general who served in the European and Mediterranean theatres of World War II. He is considered one of the most successful field commanders in U.S. history. He frequently said things to get himself into hot water with his superiors, but when the chips were down, he’s the one they called on because he got the job done.

Like Patton, we aren’t voting for Trump to be homecoming king or class favorite, he’s there to fix the country’s problems.

Occasionally I still encounter older people that say something like: “My parents always voted Democrat and I’ll always vote Democrat.” Well, this ain’t your daddy’s Democrat Party. The party of Harry Truman and JFK has moved light years to the left. One has to look at their agenda, which, among many other things, would forfeit our national sovereignty, raise taxes, defund our police and military (did you notice how Democrats didn’t condemn the rioting until polls showed it was unpopular with the public, but then spoke against it?), lower the voting age and allow illegals to vote-anything to bring in more voters for their side, further open borders, limit or take away your 2nd Amendment rights, implement some form of the “green new deal” and further expand abortion rights.

For the life of me, I can’t see how anyone who is a business person or anyone who’s a born-again Christian can, in good conscience, vote the Democrat ticket.

One last point, with Joe Biden’s apparent cognitive impairment, who really know who would be “in charge” if he is elected.

David Hodges