Recently, a pro-life organization sent out 177 letters to area pastors. The letters urged the pastors to attend the Jonesboro Public Services Committee meeting to support Councilman Bobby Long’s resolution to designate Jonesboro as a pro-life city. Almost no ministers showed up.

For a city that has been nicknamed the “City of Churches” this is disappointing. It reveals a level of apathy that is extremely disheartening. If these pastors who lead the churches don’t care, why should the congregants care? This is a black mark and shame on our city! Shame on all the pastors who refused to attend this meeting.

In his Sept. 24 editorial, Chris Wessel noted “Besides, does it take an act of the city council for anyone to believe that Jonesboro is a pro-life city? There’s a church on every corner.” Mr. Wessel, you hit the nail on the head, only not the way you intended. Your observation illustrates that a building does not a church make. It is the people who make up the church.

From what I can see, the current immoral culture that breeds apathy has overtaken the churches. These “churches on every corner” have not stopped Jonesboro from being drenched in alcohol even though the people voted it dry (what a joke the ABC is).

Another point that I would like to address is that some people mistakenly think that a resolution is binding when in reality it has no legal power; rather it is a statement of affirmation. Nevertheless, our city council can’t even muster a simple statement supporting life. (They sure were quick to jump on the mask bandwagon to “save lives.”) So, am I to assume with the exception of Councilman Long, that the entire Jonesboro City Council is pro-abortion?

Some people are keen on America following the path of post-Christian Europe. Locally, some “movers and shakers” likewise want our city to be more like Northwest Arkansas, i.e. progressive. Well, Washington County (Fayetteville) and Springdale were the first county and city in Arkansas to pass pro-life resolutions. That is surprising for liberal northwest Arkansas.

It looks like Jonesboro may get the prize for being the most pro-abortion, progressive city, not Fayetteville.

Joyce Cook