Although I must applaud Walmart Corporation for their recent policy requiring customers to wear masks while shopping in their stores, it will be a somewhat muted applause. What took them so long to do so? Did it take almost 140,000 deaths by virus, nationwide, to prompt their decision? The same question applies to other large, national retailers that, only after Walmart's policy decision was announced, decided it might be in their own best interests to follow suit with their own belated mask-policy announcements.

Republican Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson gets no applause — only a very weak thumbs-up for his extremely belated, statewide, mask-wearing mandate that came about only after business leaders, at long last, decided to take a stand on mask-wearing themselves. But still, better late than never.

Now, if we can get our governor to see the wisdom in shutting down in-classroom public education and opting, instead, for online schooling which will help keep our children, teachers and, ultimately, everyone else much more safe from coronavirus until a vaccine is made available.

Also, although I'm a big fan, let's stop putting our children's lives at risk by attempting to sate our own demanding appetites for team sports — at both high school and collegiate levels — while a life-threatening viral pandemic is raging among us. I can control my sports cravings until a vaccine is discovered and team sports are safe again.

One last thing: Why subject yourselves to possible COVID-19 infections by thinking you can't live without being inside restaurant dining during this pandemic? I suggest you follow rock-singer Bill Haley's musical directive and "Get out in that kitchen and rattle them pots and pans."

Calvin Clements