A recent letter to the editor questioned the accomplishments of Obama/Biden. Interesting to note the accomplishments of Obama/Biden, especially in a side-by-side comparison with Trump’s record before the pandemic started.

Unemployment: Under Obama/Biden the unemployment rate dropped from 10% to 4.7%. During their last three years it went from 6.6% to 4.7%. During Trump's first three years, the unemployment rate went from 4.7% to 3.5%.

Jobs: During the last three years of Obama/Biden, 8 million jobs were created. During the first three years of trump, 6.5 million jobs were created.

Growth in the national debt: Obama/Biden held the growth to about 1 trillion dollars per year. A significant accomplishment given the national debt under Trump grew about 2 trillion dollars per year. Trump calls himself the “king of debt” and his actions prove this.

Health care: Obama/Biden provided 23 million Americans with health care. Trump woke up 1,490 days in a row plotting and scheming to take health care from these Americans in need. He promised many times to deliver his beautiful health care plan for America. But he failed to deliver because he had no plan. No plan at all.

Trade deficit: Under Obama/Biden, the trade deficit was held in the $500 billion range. A significant accomplishment given the trade deficit under Trump for the first three years of his administration exceeded $600 billion and represented the three highest trade deficits in American history.

The stock market: Under Obama/Biden, the stock market increased 93% during their first three years. During Trump's first three years, the stock market increased by 48%. The overall increase in the stock market during Obama/Biden was 300%. Yes, the stock market tripled under Obama/Biden.

Obama/Biden also eliminated Osama Bin Laden, turned around the auto industry, saving 2.5 million jobs, and did much to provide health care for children.

These accomplishments for Obama/Biden are significant in light of how the administration began. It began in the midst of the worst recession since the Great Depression. It began with a declaration from Mitch McConnell that he and all Republicans would fight the administration at every turn and do all they could do to make sure the administration was a failure.

But the Obama/Biden administration brought back the American economy and put Americans back to work — despite the recession and despite the pledge from McConnell to sabotage the administration.

Terry Dancer