When you put off dealing with your problems, they tend to just get bigger.

For the second time in less than a month, we have had to read about someone, a person living on the streets, hit and killed by a vehicle, this man having been on a bicycle.

Jonesboro has long discussed the need for more bike lanes for safety. Little has been done in that regard. Last month, a man was hit by a vehicle on Johnson.

Years ago, proposals were drawn up on how to make Johnson more pedestrian friendly. That study has sat on a shelf untouched since then.

A decade ago, homelessness was a growing problem in Jonesboro. Today it's a massive one. Yet a shelter we should have had years ago still has not been established and the real solution for homelessness — affordable housing, which our city is in terrible need of — has not even been inserted into the conversation.

Problems left unresolved or kicked down the road only fester and get bigger. Real people, people who have nothing to do with politics or policy decisions, suffer the consequences of that.

It's time our city took this lesson to heart and stopped avoiding the investments and difficult political fights necessary to make things better.

David McAvoy