I am writing in response to a December 18th letter to the editor from David McAvoy regarding charities that were removed from the 2021 Budget for Craighead County.

In his letter, Mr. McAvoy called the decision by the Quorum Court “Shameful”. I completely disagree with his assessment. Here is why.

The debate on Craighead County tax dollars being given to charities has been an annual portion of budget discussions for many years now. I have been in attendance for much of it. The removal of charities is not something that has been taken lightly but has been hotly debated. I would like to thank JP Josh Longmire for spearheading this debate over the years.

I want to echo the sentiment of JP Darrel Cook’s Letter of December 22nd. Craighead County is not a charitable foundation and should not be giving taxpayer dollars to charities no matter how noble and good. Do not get me wrong, all these charities that were cut from next year’s budget are excellent charities. That is not the issue.

I donate to a number of charities each year. I would be curious to see how much those attacking this decision donate themselves.

To my knowledge, I have never meet or seen Mr. McAvoy at the numerous Quorum Court meetings I have attended over the years. I would like to encourage him to become engaged and attend these meetings to see first-hand the work the Justices are doing for the citizens of Craighead County before judging them.

Andrew Stricklin