The new bipartisan infrastructure law provides Arkansas $3.9 billion to fix worn bridges and rough roads, $3.9 billion to go into the pockets of hard-working Arkansans. Tom Cotton, Rick Crawford and John Boozman voted no.

They voted no because they don’t think our roads and bridges are that bad; they don’t want to add any more to the national debt; and they don’t want hard-working Arkansans to have $3.9 billion to put in their pockets.

The evidence shows Arkansas has perhaps the worst maintained roads and bridges in the nation. The evidence also shows these three voted to increase the national debt $8 trillion ($50 billion a day) during the four-year Trump administration.

When Trump talked about the need for infrastructure spending, they all asked “how much do you want”? So it actually comes down to not wanting to put billions of dollars into the pockets of hard-working Arkansans.

But they have a plan to thwart the bipartisan vote. Their plan begins by sending a letter to the Treasury Department telling the Treasury that Arkansas does not need or want the money. If their demand is not met and the money is sent, they will demand Gov. Asa Hutchinson send the money back.

If this last ploy fails, they will begin a campaign of lies to the people of Arkansas about how hard they worked to get this money to fix our infrastructure.

You three have brought great shame upon yourself. I call upon you Tom Cotton, Rick Crawford and John Boozman to immediately resign and let someone who cares about the people of Arkansas take over. You are all a disgrace to the great state of Arkansas. Resign in your disgrace and at least do one thing right.

Terry Dancer