I greatly appreciated the letters by Chenoa Summers and Steven Summers in the Oct. 8 edition of The Sun. They provided readers with important perspectives on the periodical missives submitted by Joyce Cook and Diane Parnell. The polemics of those who espouse the most reactionary rhetoric of the tea party need to be called out in public.

Steven Summers' makes the apt observation that much of the content for those screeds come from talking points from Fox News and social media.

There is, however, a trickle-down element that also needs to be considered. Namely, the extremist diatribes coming from right-wingers displaying their unthinking allegiance to the ideologues who head the Republican Party. Why don't we hear the opinions of conscientious and responsible Republicans when this political party is represented by these kinds of extremists? Why don't we read more critiques leveled against the arguments of those who can only demonize people who hold positions different from their own?

Chenoa Summer offers us an even more pointed critique. She writes how the religious jeremiads coming from these opiners simply doesn't reflect the highest ideals of Christ's teaching. Why are we not hearing more voices from less extreme spiritual leaders within Christian communities? Are they not insulted that right-wing fundamentalist rhetoric and jingoism has now become so strongly associated with Christianity?

Gregory Hansen