Readers may have seen that several United States flags, including a huge one, were stolen over the Memorial Day weekend from a veterans’ cemetery in California.

I regret to report that we have similar thieves here in Northeast Arkansas, since two U.S. flags and display poles were stolen Monday on Memorial Day in broad daylight on East Johnson Avenue in Jonesboro!

The stolen flags had been placed in front of stores by members of the Jonesboro University Heights Lions Club, which has for several decades placed flags in front of businesses on holidays in exchange for a nominal fee.

Volunteer club members place the flags and display poles in brackets early in the morning on national holidays, plus a few non-federal holidays — weather permitting — and take them down in the evening, with the funds generated by the project being used for things such as paying for eyeglasses for needy persons here in Craighead County.

The Memorial Day federal holiday is one of our most important national holidays, and flags were displayed throughout the city to help us remember why we have such holidays.

In case the person or persons who stole our flags have experienced a belated sense of patriotism, or perhaps have discovered that flags in garage sales with “U.H. Lions” written on the seam do not sell, since they are obviously stolen, you are welcome to return the flags and poles. Just put them back on Monday, June 14, which is Flag Day in our country, in the brackets where they were displayed — the parking lot of Bill’s Cost Plus grocery store and on the front of McGregor’s Teacher Supplies store.

Whatever you do, please do not toss the flags in the trash or cut them up, since they are the flag of our country.

Charles Hartwig,

secretary, Jonesboro

University Heights Lions Club