Over coffee a few days ago, I was shooting the bull with a couple other liberal-minded, undercover, extraterrestrial lizards. My best friend, earth-name, Joe, says to me, "Drrmmmpht (Calvin), any word yet on how these Q-Anons and Party of Trump deplorable Republicans found out about our affiliation with the Democrat Party?

Taking a sip of my fast-food coffee, I replied, "Not yet, Joe, but I'm making progress. I really don't think they present that big a problem, though. Every time I contact Mother Planet they tell me not to worry because the COVID variants (especially Delta) will wipe out all the vaccine-hesitant and vaccine-stupid, far-right Earth Yokels soon enough."

"Calvin, you still takin' those Hebrew lessons?" asked Fat Freddy, as he decided the tasty-looking green fly dining on a glob of ketchup at an adjoining table was just out of reach of his 3-foot tongue. "Knowing some Hebrew might help when I apply for a job at a Jewish space laser firm, and just might enable me to realize my life-long dream of bouncing laser beams off the moon that will start major forest fires in the Pacific Northwest," I replied.

"Another thing, Calvin," queried Bob, "As Satanic, cannibal, pedophiles we haven't ravaged, then, barbequed a nice, well-marbled toddler in 3 months, and we're gettin' awfully hungry for one. When's this gonna happen?"

OK, OK Sun readers — I know the preceding is ignorant, far-fetched and stupid beyond belief. But you do know, don't you, these conspiracy theories are believed by many MAGA-hatted Party of Trump supporters as well as believed by almost all Q-Anon members — all of whom are embraced by the majority of Party of Trump voters and by almost all local, state and national former Republican Party elected officials-including members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives who have bought into Trump's Big Lie that Trump, not Biden, won the last presidential election.

I don't believe Donald Trump has "dumbed-down" members of his Party of Trump. He has simply exposed the latent, racist "dumbness" that already existed among them. Until Trump, who knew the extent of this dumbness? I wish for only one thing from Q-Anon and Party of Trump members. I fervently hope these deplorables remain in the "Trump Basket" until 2024, and nominate The Donald as their presidential candidate.

Trump espousing the perverse, murderous, anti-democracy cretins who stormed the U.S. Capitol Building as being "great patriots" and "marvelous people" — some of whom were simply peaceful tourists just visiting the Capitol Building will surely play well in the next presidential debates.

The Party of Trump's many acts of voter-suppression aimed at minorities will play equally well, as will Trump's descriptions of the "feelings of love" that permeated the Capitol Building while the murderous white-nationalist Republican Trump supporters desecrated the building at his behest.

Calvin Clements