My, my, looks like Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have done a 180-degree turn, calling for us to "unite" after they did nothing for four years but "resist."

Have there been any riots, burning, looting, violence from Republicans over the election results? No, because Republicans are generally civil, law-abiding, love America and believe everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Republicans have not threatened like Madonna when she said she "thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House" or stating we are leaving the country like Whoopie, Cher, Myllie Cyrus and other celebrities did. Funny thing they are all still here complaining and whining since the 2016 elections.

Now Whoopie is telling Trump supporters to suck it up even though she never did. Democrats never accepted Trump as president and spent his first term trying to get rid of him.

I don't accept Biden as president because there has to be voter fraud when you look at the small crowds at Biden's speeches and the massive crowds at Trump's rallies. 

The accusations of voter fraud will have to play out in the courts.

Diane Parnell