To err is human … that doesn’t mean I have to like it when I make a mistake. I will, however, always own up to it.

In my column regarding the new indoor sports complex, set to be constructed in Jonesboro, I mistakenly stated that the facility would be funded by a “voter-approved” sales tax.

The sales tax was actually approved by the Jonesboro City Council by ordinance in September of last year. The two percent tax on prepared foods is expected to generate $3 million in revenue annually.

As an editor, whose job it is to catch mistakes, make the unclear clear and present the facts, nothing makes me madder than realizing I have made an error after the presses have already rolled out all the copies.

Much like I notice when there is a mistake in the church bulletin, or on social media, or on a billboard (which does happen), I know you notice when there is a mistake in your newspaper.

I am grateful to those who reached out and let me know about my error (thankfully they were kind in their correction).

I can guarantee our readers two things going forward – this won’t be the last time I make a mistake, and I will hate it just as much next time.

As I said before, to err is human … hopefully you, our readers, can offer me the divine.

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