The death toll from the tragic condo collapse in Florida is nearing 100. Immediately following the collapse, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis called for a comprehensive investigation into the reasons behind the collapse to perhaps stop another collapse.

Another group was calling for no investigation of the collapse. They don’t want an investigation because they are afraid. Afraid of the results. You might agree with me that this makes them cowards.

The latter group reminds me of Sen. Tom Cotton and Rep. Rick Crawford regarding the events at the Capitol on Jan. 6. Cotton and Crawford and their Republican cohorts believe a comprehensive investigation into what caused the events of Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol will be detrimental to their political well-being and will point the finger of blame directly where it belongs.

They are afraid of the results. And you know what this fear makes them.

Imagine the words from the mouths of Crawford and Cotton if the rioters at the capitol on Jan. 6 were primarily black individuals. They would be screaming from the rafters for an investigation of what caused the riot. What caused a policeman to die and what caused injury to more than 100 police.

Does the name Ashli Babbitt mean anything to you? Ashli Babbitt was the 35-year-old veteran shot and killed by Capitol police on Jan. 6 as she attempted to climb through a glass door shattered by a group of angry Americans. Congressman Andrew Clyde of Georgia looked at the video of Babbitt being shot and killed and called it a “normal tourist visit.”

Congressman Clyde also looked at the Jan. 6 Capitol video of police being beaten with flag poles, fire extinguishers, steel barriers and then sprayed with toxic chemicals. After viewing these videos of brutality carried out against police, he once again called what he saw a “normal tourist visit.”

For a long time I was not sure why Congressman Clyde would call the videos showing the killing of one person and the injury and hospitalization of more than 100 police officers a “normal tourist visit.” Then it dawned on me why.

Why? Because millions have never watched the Jan. 6 videos.

Please watch the video of the death of Ashli Babbitt and the beatings of Capitol police officers and judge for yourself. Be your own person and don’t just blindly hear and believe the words of others. Watch the videos and then speak for yourself.

Terry Dancer