Why is it OK for protesters and anarchists by the thousands to gather every night for hours in our cities yelling and screaming then go back into the communities to spread COVID-19 to others?

Why were schools, churches, businesses, salons, restaurants, gyms, beaches, parks, etc. closed and people couldn't gather in groups because of the fear of spreading COVID?

As long as the protesters can gather everyone should be able to gather. What's the difference? No one blames protesters for spreading COVID, but they sure blame everyone else.

Everyone whoever lost a job or was laid off had to get by on unemployment benefits. Now they get unemployment benefits plus an extra $600 weekly, making more than working people and more than what most of them were making working. Why? What's the difference in getting by on unemployment before COVID and after COVID?

If you're on government assistance and have another child your benefits increase. Working women don't get a raise when they have another child. Why? What's the difference?

If we don't allow any statues from our history then we shouldn't allow any statues from the present or future. What's the difference?

If "illegal" immigrants are allowed to stay in our country, why arrest anyone for anything "illegal"? What's the difference? Illegal means illegal.

We have always voted in November during the flu season that still kills thousands yearly, but we can't go vote this year because we might get the coronavirus? If you go to the grocery store, gas station, Walmart or anywhere in public then you can go vote. What's the difference?

The difference is Democrats are pushing for it because they know they wasted four years trying to impeach President Donald Trump on lies and corruption from their own party and did nothing for Americans, and they can't win against Trump's record of accomplishments.

Common sense tells you mail-in voting will be corrupt, full of fraud and a disaster. Voting is the most important freedom we have. With the exception of absentee voting, it should be in person with a photo ID and you should be a registered voter with legal citizenship status.

Diane Parnell


Editor's note: Democrats have not advanced the idea of postponing the November election. Trump proposed such a measure.