The "challenge" (President Joe Biden's term) at our southern border is not only a national security issue, but also a tragic humanitarian crisis of our own making.

Solutions have been discussed by both political parties for decades; however, no solution is forthcoming. Since the United States Congress is the only body that can solve this situation, it is obvious that they have no real intention of acting.

I have a solution. Since the combined total land areas of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua is approximately 143,000 square miles, the president should issue an Executive Order trading these countries for the state of California whose size is approximately the same (155,000 square miles). Unfortunately, this would eliminate approximately 12% of our annual national GDP. This loss would be offset by adding nearly 1,000 miles of additional coastline for development and recreation!

Additionally, this would eliminate the billions in wasted subsidies paid to these countries to support their economies, which were unsuccessful in reducing illegal immigration northward.

As an added bonus, this trade would finally allow the United States to win the "war on drugs" by placing the 82nd Airborne Division squarely in the middle of the drug supply routes. A win-win scenario by any measure.

James Phillips