While Mayor Harold Copenhaver claimed in "Mayor explains plans for technology" (March 27 in The Sun), that "two-thirds of our students don't have the ability to do their schoolwork because they don't have connectability," it seems that all children are subjected to wireless radiation in Jonesboro schools.

In a front-page photo in The Sun (April 18), students use a tablet device on a tripod. No wiring is visible on or around the tablet to indicate a wired connection, the safe option.

How much wireless radiation children absorb during the school day may be unknown, but it is certainly knowable. Officials can easily find a radio frequency (RF) engineer to measure the radiation emitted throughout every school. While an independent assessment is best, the city, schools, City Water & Light, Arkansas State University, the local medical community, industry or other private businesses may have this expertise readily available. Jonesboro can even herald the prioritization of children's health as one goal of a public-private partnership. How about the motto, "Invisible, but more polluting than litter!"

With the results, administrators can reassess wireless versus wired in schools. The city can use the results to revise its ordinances on wireless and on the many 5G "small cells" being installed throughout the city. This equipment houses hundreds of antennas, pinging 24/7 from CWL poles, many within 30 feet of residences.

Perhaps the "safety, health and welfare" of children will preempt Councilmen Charles Frierson (Ward 1, Position 1) and John Street (Ward 4, Position 1) from excusing themselves on the revisions, by invoking a conflict of interest with their appointment to the CWL board of directors?

In fact, the mayor's call for citywide 5G will actually expose that "two-thirds of our students ..." to higher doses of radiation daily. Officials owe the children a 100% survey of wireless radiation in schools (better, all public facilities). Parents?

Also in that April 18 edition, Jason Rufkahr's letter, "Technology advancing" claimed that there is "nothing you can do about it" and "if 5G was so bad, then I'm sure that our own government wouldn't allow it." In response, countries (Switzerland in 2020), U.S. states (recently, New Hampshire), and many U.S. municipalities (Boston and hundreds of others) have done something "about it" by halting 5G. State law and local ordinances have been revised to better protect the public by, as one example, requiring unannounced independent RF emissions inspections, with severe financial and other penalties for violations.

As to "our own government wouldn't allow it," our federal government permits the highest level of wireless radiation exposure in the world, 10 times above that of the next highest countries. And, tellingly, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that allows it is comprised of executives of Big Telecom. In other words, Mr. Rufkahr, the FCC is a "captured agency", i.e., the fox guards the hen house.

At www.facebook.com/5GHurricane there is all the evidence needed to know that our governments — federal, as well as state (including the Arkansas Municipal League) and local (in Jonesboro, anyway) — prioritize the welfare of Big Telecom over the "safety, health and welfare" of any of the children. Government invokes kid's education as a shield on behalf of Big Telecom. Mr. Mayor, let's fix that. #JonesboroStrong

Howard L. Weinstock