I think under President Donald Trump we had the most secure border ever, lowest unemployment, highest stock market, low inflation, low gas prices, strongest military, energy independence as the Keystone pipeline was coming along really well, we were respected around the world, and Americans were finally put first.

We have all heard "If it ain't broke don't fix it" but "Hiden Biden Walk- A-Way Joe" had to destroy all of this just because he and the Democrats hated Trump. Ayanna Pressley, Maxine Waters and Al Sharpton came out of the woodwork to condemn the border patrol who have an impossible job. They are all phonies.

I believe these three people and other hypocritical Democrats too numerous to mention hate America and want to see it destroyed because all they do is condemn America. Yet all their wealth and position could have only happened in America. How on earth could anybody with a brain cell vote for them?

Then there's Dr. Anthony Fauci who loves the cameras and is like a reed changing direction with the wind yet many people hang on his every word like he is "God." And how many times was he wrong?

Abortion supporters protest with signs "My body, My choice" even though that living breathing baby is a totally separate body and person. "My body, My choice" should apply to every American regarding the vaccine.

Biden and the Democrat Party do not want to negotiate, they just want everyone who disagrees with their policy to "get out of the way." Sounds like socialism with a dictator.

If you really believe your family and our country are better off now, just give it a little more time and I think even you will be changing your tune because the worst of "Hiden Biden Walk -A- Way Joe" is still to come. Stay tuned!

Diane Parnell