JONESBORO — Westside senior volleyball player Kaylee Cline enjoyed a moment Wednesday that she wouldn’t have envisioned when she was playing the sport in the seventh grade.

Cline signed a letter of intent to continue her volleyball career at Crowley’s Ridge College. To get better at the game over the years, in addition to her time with the Lady Warriors, Cline has played club volleyball, attended several camps and participated in training to improve her speed and agility.

“I would say I’m very blessed obviously,” Cline said. “I’m very excited because like I said, I wouldn’t have seen my previous self coming this far along.”

Cline played on the front row for the Lady Warriors, Westside coach Devin Montgomery said, usually on the right side but also in the middle when needed.

“Kaylee is one of the most dedicated, hard-working players that I’ve had,” Montgomery said. “Like she said, she started off in seventh and eighth grade maybe not getting to play or not getting to play as much time, and she had extra lessons, did extra work. She was willing to do whatever it took.

“She was definitely a team player, she wanted to do what was best for the team. She supported her team. She is just an overall great athlete. CRC is lucky to get her.”

Cline said she likes the size of CRC’s campus, especially in comparison to what she’s familiar with at Westside.

“I like how it’s a little bit smaller. Coming from a small school, it’s not that big of a change,” Cline said. “Dealing with a lot of new people would make me really nervous. Coming from a small school to another small school makes me feel like it’s more of a family.”