Where did area farmers put their efforts last year? Counting crops common to Lawrence, Greene and Jackson Counties, the soybean crop appears to top the amount of certified acres planted.

According to figures made available by Lawrence County Extension Agency Staff Chair Bryce Baldridge, Greene County Extension Agent-Agriculture Dave Freeze, and Jackson County Extension Agency Staff Chair Matthew Davis, the three counties in total planted 210,756.17 acres of beans. In each county, the soybean acreage topped that for all other crops.

In Jackson County, farmers planted beans on 97,471.36 acres (including 8,621.94 non-irrigated acres). In Greene County, growers planted 61,928 acres, including 10,210 that were not irrigated. And in Lawrence County there were 51,356.81 acres counting 6,099.68 that were not irrigated.

Right behind soybeans was rice. Growers planted a total of 208,407.26 acres among the three counties. Jackson County led the way with a total (among long, medium and short-grain rice) of 97,579.96 acres. Lawrence County farmers planted a total of 81,514.3 acres counting long and medium-grain rice, while Greene County saw its rice producers plant 61,313 acres (again, including long and medium-grain rice).

Trailing at a distance, corn acreage for the three came to 75,847.39. Greene County’s producers planted 15,901 acres counting 684 non-irrigated acres, all of it yellow. Jackson County had a total of 15,814.99 including 217.86 acres of bicolor corn and 89.05 acres that weren’t irrigated. Lawrence County’s producers planted yellow corn on 8,131.4 acres (counting 12.64 acres that were not irrigated).

Next was red winter wheat, which area growers planted on 5,134.74 acres. Jackson County’s farmers planted the lion’s share of that acreage, at 3,631. Greene County producers planted 960 acres and Lawrence County’s planted the crop on 543.74 acres.

Producers planted cotton on a total of 3,750.93 acres in Greene, Lawrence and Jackson Counties. Greene County had far and away the largest cotton acreage, with 2,794 acres (75 of which were not irrigated). Jackson County’s growers planted 691 acres of cotton, and Lawrence County’s cotton producers planted 265.93 acres, counting 37.97 that received no irrigation.

And of the six crops common to all three counties, grain sorghum brought up the rear in that farmers planted it on 950.72. Greene County had the largest planted acreage of the crop, at 391 including 52 which weren’t irrigated. Jackson County’s producers planted grain sorghum on 307.35 acres, five of which received no irrigation; Lawrence County had 252.37 acres planted.

There were numerous other crops planted in the three-county areas, but of the acreage figures provided by the extension agents, most were confined to a single county. Of those shown to be grown in more than one county, Lawrence and Greene Counties grew peanuts on a total of 3,676.76 acres. Lawrence County’s producers grew the crop on 2,028.39 acres (112.39 of which were not irrigated) while farmers in Greene County grew 1,648.37 acres of peanuts (including 10 non-irrigated acres).

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