The Walnut Ridge Airport Commission voted to purchase a 2009 Chevrolet Impala to be used as a courtesy car at its meeting Monday night.

Airport Manager Stacy Hoggard said she has been on the lookout for a good used vehicle with low mileage. The Impala, which only has 29,000 miles on it, belonged to her sister and when Hoggard found out she was looking to sell she brought it to the commission for consideration.

Commission Chair Don Cavenaugh said it is a nice vehicle and will work well as a courtesy car.

“It’s a very clean car,” he said, noting that Impalas are reliable vehicles.

Hoggard said they will also maintain the Crown Vic currently owned by the airport for a second courtesy car, specifically for when they have someone who requests a car be left overnight.

Also at the meeting, Hoggard reported that she has applied to be a preferred FBO through the CAA. She said several corporate pilots who had been to the airport had been complimentary and told her she should apply.

If selected as a preferred FBO, the airport would be promoted to corporate pilots and in turn corporate pilots would be given a discount on fuel purchases at the airpot.

“It will come up for a vote June 1, and if approved we will become a preferred FBO,” Hoggard said.

In other business:

Hoggard reported that Jet A fuel sales are up with military operations and corporate flights fueling up at the airport. “We’ve sold nearly 16,000 gallons this month, and are at 26,000 this year,” she said. “Of that 16,000, 13,000 was to military and 3,000 to corporate.”

It was reported that insurance payments for water damage to the Lear Building and the Fulbright Building are starting to come in.

Hoggard said the Arkansas Division of Aeronautics commissioners were pleased with their meeting that the airport hosted earlier this month. She said they hope to return this fall.

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