The Times Dispatch typically compares each year’s first-day enrollment figures for the county and for each individual school district.

With school delayed and districts allowed to start on different days, this year’s enrollment figures reflect the total number of students enrolled at the end of the first week of school.

Countywide, as of Aug. 28, there were 2,936 students enrolled, compared to 2,929 enrolled on the first day of school in 2019.

The Hoxie School District, Sloan-Hendrix School District and Lawrence County School Districts all showed increases in enrollment.

Hoxie saw an increase from 839 students in 2019 to 841 students in 2020.

Walnut Ridge (Lawrence County School District) had an end-of-week enrollment of 939 up from 909 in 2019.

Sloan-Hendrix increased from 691 students in 2019 to 698 students in 2020.

Hillcrest was the only K-12 district to show a decrease, dropping from 430 students in 2019 to 406 students in 2020.

Imboden Area Charter School also saw a decrease, declining from 60 students in 2019 to 52 students in 2020.

Other totals for the first day since 2008 are as follows:

2018 – 2,854

2017 – 2,938

2016 – 2,921

2015 – 2,972

2014 – 3,011

2013 – 3,027

2012 – 3,068

2011 – 3,140

2010 – 3,193

2009 – 3,102

2008 – 3,112

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