The Lawrence County Quorum Court voted at its Oct. 11 meeting to begin advertising for bids for a firm to administer the county’s American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds.

Justices also discussed “premium pay” for employees. It was suggested to pay full-time employees for 300 hours at a rate of $13 per hour and part-time employees at lesser hours on a pro-rated basis.

Justices authorized the pay to be given in three payments for 2021 and 2022. One payment would be for 300 hours at $13 for full time and elected officials and a lesser amount for part-time employees in 2021. For 2022, there would be two payments for 150 hours each at $13 per hour for employees and elected officials and a lesser amount for part-time employees.

The court voted to approve the payments with an ordinance to be presented at the November meeting.

Also at the meeting, justices voted to increase the vaccine incentive pay that was approved during the September meeting from $100 to $125. The change will allow the actual payout received by the employees, who are fully vaccinated by Dec. 31, 2021, to be approximately $100.

In other business:

Budget Committee Chair Junior Briner asked that the committee schedule two meetings to begin working on the 2022 budgets. Meetings were set for Oct. 14 and 28 at 2 p.m.

Justices approved an ordinance transferring $196,079.34 from county general to the AEDC Hospital Grant Fund budget.

The court approved an ordinance to place money back into the election budget from a $1,508.95 check from Sloan-Hendrix School District for the May 2021 School Election.

Justices approved an appropriation to purchase computer equipment with Lawrence County Library ARP funds, totaling $7,334.

Perry Hutton’s position was changed from full-time in the E-911/Communications Center to part-time in that department and part-time in the OEM department. In January, he will become full-time OEM to fulfill state regulations requiring every county to have a full-time OEM position.

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