For the third week in a row the number of new COVID-19 cases reported among Lawrence County residents by the Arkansas Department of Health was in the triple digits.

As of Tuesday, the ADH website reported a total cumulative case count of 2,836, up 167 from last week’s total of 2,669.

The 167 new cases come on the heels of 110 new cases a week ago and 107 new cases the week prior to that.

In addition, two additional COVID-related deaths among residents of Lawrence County were reported by the ADH during the past week, bringing that total to 47.

The active case count also continued to increase this week, with the ADH reporting 228 active cases as of Tuesday. This report shows an increase of 59 over last Tuesday’s report of 169 active cases.

During the same seven-day period 106 Lawrence County residents were added to the recovered list, bringing that cumulative total to 2,561, up from 2,455 a week ago.

ACHI tracking school districts

The Arkansas Center for Health Improvement is once again tracking infection rates in the community for each school district.

As of Thursday, all school districts in Lawrence County were listed as having at least 50 new known infections per 10,000 district residents over the previous 14 days. This data does not reflect positive cases among students and staff, but within the community in which the school is located.

ACHI is also tracking COVID-19 vaccination rates by public school district, community and ZIP code, using ADH data.

“Every school district continues to have less than half of its population vaccinated,” a release form ACHI said.

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