While the annual Trunk or Treat event on Abbey Road cannot be held this year due to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, the City of Walnut Ridge will host a drive-through event at Stewart Park.

Halloween in the Park will be hosted by the Walnut Ridge police and fire departments on Oct. 31 from 5-7 p.m.

The park will close to the public at 3:30 and those setting up booths will have until 4:45 to be in place.

Those attending must remain inside their vehicle and should enter the park from Northeast Second Street. Park Road from Northeast Front to Northeast Second will be closed to traffic.

Vehicles will make the loop around the park before turning right into the parking located between the baseball fields where the event ends.

All participants who hand out or handle items must wear disposable gloves, and a facemask that completely covers their nose and mouth. This is a requirement of the Arkansas Department of Health in order to have the event. Participants not handling or handing out items are strongly encouraged to wear a facemask.

It is recommended that items be prepackaged in small treat-style bags if possible. Participants must either hand out items, or if they are prepackaged in treat-bags they may place them on a tray and let the parents/children take them. If trays are used, they should be cleaned and sanitized frequently.

There will be designated areas around the park loop road with expansion into the ball field parking lot area, if needed.

Anyone who would like to participate can contact City Hall at 870-886-6638 or through email at cityhall@cityofwalnutridge.com.

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