The Hoxie City Council approved two reuse loans at its meeting on Aug. 11.

Michael Sanders applied for a loan for his heat and air business, Decker Heat and Air. Sanders told council members that he is ready to expand his business and needs a physical location to accept deliveries and store equipment.

He will be purchasing property on Cooper Street from Kenny Franks that includes three shop buildings, a house and two acres of ground. He said he also plans to hire four additional employees.

Memphis Williams applied for a loan to open Memphis Ray BBQ in the former Hoxie City Hall building. His application stated he would rent the building through December of this year then purchase it in January for $65,000 using a reuse loan.

The money paid in rent would be applied as part of his down payment.

“My goal is to come here and make a good go of doing barbecue,” he said. “I want to make it a destination.”

The council voted unanimously in favor of both loans as recommended by the Reuse Committee.

Council members were reminded that if they have any input on occupational license fees to submit it over the next couple weeks. City Attorney Nancy Hall and City Clerk/Treasurer Peggy Miles are working to streamline the fees.

In other business, the council:

discussed a contract with Don Nichols to move his containers out of the Hoxie City limits. Details are being finalized, and Council Member Darrell Pickney expressed his support of the effort. “I think it’s worth it to get rid of this long-term eye sore.”

approved the cleanup resolution for the 2019 budget.

discussed the city-owned housing development and what might be the best management program for it in the future. Council Member Tim Taylor requested that the current manager attend the next council meeting so an informed decision could be made.

was informed that any changes to the employee handbook need to be submitted because is scheduled to be voted on at the September meeting.

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