At its April 15 meeting, the Walnut Ridge Airport Commission heard from Mayor Charles Snapp regarding an industry that was interested in the building located on Fulbright Road.

Snapp reported that the industry would like to lease the building with the option to buy within the first three years if FAA approval is obtained to sell the building and the 3.82 acres.

The company has signed an FAA compliant lease and also the offer and acceptance should the airport receive FAA approval to sale Parcel 14.

Mayor Snapp also presented the commissioners with an offer and acceptance with C.F. Steel on 2.48 acres located in Parcel 25 that has already been released by the FAA. Snapp informed the commission that should C.F. Steel ever decided to move their business, the airport would be able to buy the land back at the same price at which it was sold.

Commissioners approved both the lease agreement and the offers from C.F. Steel. The Walnut Ridge City Council has given its approval, as well.

In other business, the commissioners:

Voted to add Mayor Snapp to the airports CMA account, which requires two signatures. The account only had two authorized signers, Don Cavenaugh and Clay Sloan.

Decided to keep a lockbox at First National Bank that houses important documents, including the original deed to the airport. Commissioners voted to add Airport Manager Stacy Hoggard to those who have access to the lockbox so she can maintain an inventory of what is in the box.

Authorized the rental of equipment to address some drainage issues on the airport grounds, as well as a sweeper to clean the ramp in May and again in the fall.

Were reminded by Hoggard that the Arkansas Department of Aeronautics will hold their May 19 monthly meeting at Walnut Ridge.

Were informed that the FAA grant for the rehab on the ramps and taxiways would be closed out soon. All repairs have been made, and the engineers are working on the closeout documentation.

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