Several local races were decided in last Tuesday’s election, according to unofficial results released by County Clerk Tina Stowers.

Adam Weeks was elected circuit judge, defeating Joe Grider. In Lawrence County, Weeks received 85 percent of the vote with 4,847 votes, compared to Grider’s 848 votes (15 percent).

Two Hoxie City Council races were also decided with Darrell Pickney and Kerrie Hancock maintaining their seats on the council.

Pickney received 375 votes (52 percent), while challenger Isaac Anglin received 343 votes (48 percent).

Hancock received 404 votes (56 percent), while challenger Joyce Roberts received 319 votes (44 percent).

In the race for constable for Campbell Township, Republican Kenneth Cole won election with 1,257 votes (64 percent), while Democrat Kenneth Fears received 697 votes (36 percent).

In the race for president, Lawrence County voters cast 4,569 votes for Republican President Donald J. Trump (78 percent). Joseph R. Biden, who was the Democratic nominee, received 1,080 votes (18 percent), and the remainder of the votes were spread among the other candidates.

Republican Tom Cotton won re-election to the U.S. Senate, defeating Libertarian Ricky Dale Harrington Jr. In Lawrence County Cotton received 83 percent of the vote (4,768), while 1,003 voted for Harrington (17 percent).

Statewide issues

On Issue No. 1, which set a permanent half-cent sales tax for transportation, the county voted 3,026 for (52 percent) and 2,744 against (48 percent). The issue also passed statewide.

On Issue No. 2, which adjusted term limit restrictions, allowing 12 consecutive years in the state legislature and then the ability to run again after sitting out four years, Lawrence Countians voted 2,871 against (51 percent) and 2,808 for (49 percent). While the issue was narrowly defeated by Lawrence County voters, the measure carried statewide.

On Issue No. 3, which amended the initiative process and legislative referral requirements, Lawrence County residents voted 3,494 against (62 percent) and 2,098 for (38 percent). The issue also failed statewide.

Issue No. 6 was removed from the ballot, but still appeared on the actual ballot. Votes cast on the issue will not be certified.

The election is scheduled to be certified Monday at 1 p.m. at the County Clerk’s Office.

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