Sue Gibson (center) recently donated a conference table to the city of Walnut Ridge in memory of her husband, Danny Gibson. Accepting the donation are Mayor Charles Snapp (left) and Walnut Ridge Police Chief Jordan Cooksey.

Sue Gibson of Walnut Ridge recently donated a conference table and chairs to the city of Walnut Ridge that had been used through the years in businesses owned by herself and her husband, the late Danny Gibson.

“It made perfect sense to donate it to Walnut Ridge, because Walnut Ridge was so good to Danny,” she said.

She noted that Danny originally purchased the table to do real estate closings, but their work in real estate shifted to insurance, and the table became a place to have meetings and share meals among co-workers.

Walnut Ridge Mayor Charles Snapp said the table will serve dual purposes for the city.

Located in the Walnut Ridge Police Department, it will offer a place for officers to meet. In addition, it will provide a place for the Walnut Ridge City Council, which meets in the police complex, to hold executive sessions.

Snapp noted that it was fitting that the table ended up being located in the police department because Danny had worked with the WRPD and that it was an honor to receive it.

“Danny Gibson believed in Walnut Ridge and Lawrence County and truly loved the people of our community,” he said. “I am appreciative and humbled by the donation of Danny’s personal conference table to the city. It will provide a lasting connection to such a fine person and family.”

Sue said she couldn’t imagine a better place for the table.

“Walnut Ridge meant so much to Danny,” she said.

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