Richy Thatcher has announced that he will be a Republican candidate for sheriff of Lawrence County in the 2022 election.

A lifelong resident of Lawrence County, he was raised in Alicia and moved to Walnut Ridge after graduating from Walnut Ridge High School.

“I have more than 20 years of law enforcement experience, which includes part time in Hoxie and Black Rock and full time in Cherokee Village and Walnut Ridge.”

In 2011, he was hired as the police chief for the Walnut Ridge Police Department. He graduated from the Black River Technical College Law Enforcement Training Academy in 2004.

“In my four years as the chief of police, some of my duties were overseeing eight fulltime officers, managing a six- figure budget, grant writing to help offset some of the financial cost of the Walnut Ridge Police Department, handling citizens grievances and supervising the build of the new police complex.”

He said he would be a working and involved sheriff with both the community and other law enforcement.

“If elected sheriff, I will see that all resources that are available to the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office will be utilized to include other law enforcement agencies, training for the deputies and grant writing,” he said. “Working together will make this a better and safer Lawrence County.”

Thatcher said after speaking with community members a main concern was communication with the sheriff.

“As sheriff I will take the time to speak or meet with you and hear your grievances out,” he said. “I understand from being the chief of the Walnut Ridge Police Department that there are times you need to speak to the one in charge.”

He listed some other priorities.

“I will see that the deputies are out and involved with the community so we can build a good relationship with the citizens of Lawrence County,” Thatcher said. “As sheriff for Lawrence County, I will be setting up an anonymous tip hot line to be used for crime, drugs and abuse. This is just one step that will be in place in letting the criminals know they are not welcomed in Lawrence County.”

Thatcher said he looks forward to meeting with citizens during the campaign.

“In the upcoming months, I will be out speaking with the citizens of Lawrence County to hear your needs and speak more of what I have planned for the sheriffs office if elected Lawrence County sheriff,” he said.

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