Tony Waldrupe has announced his candidacy for Lawrence County Sheriff in the 2022 election.

Waldrupe serves as chief deputy under current Sheriff Jeff Yates, who has announced he will not seek re-election.

“As a lifelong resident of Lawrence County and public servant for 27 years, I consider myself fortunate to live and work in such a great community and would be honored to serve you in this capacity,” Waldrupe said in his formal announcement.

He began his career as a public servant at the Walnut Ridge Fire Department in 1994 and served for seven years before making the transition into law enforcement. He began in 1999 as a reserve patrolman for the Walnut Ridge Police Department and eventually worked his way up to the rank of captain.

“In 2014, I had the honor of being appointed sheriff of Lawrence County to fill the vacancy left when the serving sheriff stepped down,” Waldrupe said. “The next year when Sheriff Jeff Yates took office I became his chief deputy, the position I currently hold.”

Waldrupe said that during his time as chief deputy he has been involved in and assisted with securing and planning a new jail facility and Sheriff’s Office, providing a reliable fleet of patrol and transport vehicles for the daily operation of the Sheriff’s Office and successfully applying for and gaining grants to purchase new equipment.

“I am involved in the day-to-day administrative duties and budgeting process, as well as attending Quorum Court meetings and having a good working relationship with our elected officials in the county,” he said.

A lifelong resident of Lawrence County, he and his wife, Michelle, live in Walnut Ridge.

“I have three sons, Houston, Gavin and Colman, all of whom were raised and attended school in Lawrence County,” he said. “I attend Gethsemane Baptist Church, where I have been a member for 17 years and a deacon since October of 2011. My roots in Lawrence County run deep, as does my commitment to making this a better community for its citizens.”

Waldrupe said he would be honored to serve the citizens of Lawrence County if elected to the office of sheriff.

“I will strive to provide respectful and fair service in every aspect of the job,” he said. “I will make myself available between now and the election to meet with you and discuss your thoughts and concerns regarding our county and the office of sheriff.”

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