Lawrence County native Adam Weeks began his role as third judicial district circuit judge on Jan. 1.

When he took the office of third division circuit judge for the third judicial district, Adam Weeks became the first Lawrence County resident to serve as circuit judge in 130 years.

Weeks, who lives near Powhatan with his wife, Tasha, and their two daughters, said the last Lawrence County resident elected circuit judge also lived at Powhatan. Weeks said according to historians, that judge moved, soon after being elected, to Independence County to serve out of Batesville.

Judge Weeks is one of three circuit judges elected in the third judicial district, which is comprised of Jackson, Lawrence, Randolph and Sharp counties.

“We are all circuit judges for the entire circuit district,” he said during an interview on Friday. “This week, I traveled to Jackson County to sit three days in a row. Next week, I’ll be in Randolph County, the following week in Sharp County and the next week in Lawrence County.”

He said rotating through the different counties is where the “circuit” in circuit judge comes from.

“Used to be you rode a horse,” Weeks said. “I just do mine in a Subaru.”

Weeks said circuit court is a court of general jurisdiction.

“We are the trial court for the judiciary of Arkansas,” he said. “We hear all the trial cases that could possibly happen, could be an eviction or a capital murder or a multi-million-dollar lawsuit.”

A 1994 graduate of Walnut Ridge High School, Weeks did not expect to be a Lawrence County resident as an adult.

“I left and didn’t think I’d ever return,” he said, “but you can only be from one place and this is home so I eventually came home.”

Weeks went to the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, where he earned a degree in English. He remained in Conway for 10 years and was elected to the Conway City Council at the age of 24.

“I did not immediately pursue law,” he said. “Serving on the city council is what led me to realize I had an interest in practicing law.”

While he was attending law school, he served as a law clerk for Rose Law Firm and James Law Firm. After graduation, he returned to Lawrence County and practiced law in Walnut Ridge until he was elected Lawrence County district judge, a position he held for six years.

While practicing law in Walnut Ridge, Weeks also served six years as Walnut Ridge city attorney and two years as Hardy city attorney.

Weeks is the son of Ruth and Roger Anderson. His brother, Ethan Weeks, practices law in Walnut Ridge.

He also has a brother, T.J. Anderson, who lives in Jonesboro and is a banker; a sister, Carrie Carle, who lives in Greene County and is a cosmetologist; and a brother, Ben Weeks, who lives in North Little Rock and owns an automotive repair company.

Judge Weeks said it is a huge honor to be elected by the voters of the third judicial district.

“They have placed in me a tremendous amount of trust,” he said. “It’s very humbling to take on that responsibility, and I don’t do it lightly.”

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