Lance Casey Phillips peacefully passed away at his home beside the Black River in Clover Bend on May 31, 2021. He was surrounded by the things and people that he loved, as well as the thoughts and prayers of his family and many friends.

Casey was born to Lance and Nancy (Rudd) Phillips on July 29, 1957, and lived his life in his beloved Clover Bend. Surrounded by his loving parents and siblings, he grew into a strong and kind young man, a standout athlete at Hoxie High School and football player at Arkansas State University.

He graduated from ASU and returned to Clover Bend to start his family and continue the family farm. He raised his four children in Clover Bend, teaching them to love life, each other, the earth, the heavens and living things; to see beauty everywhere; to take care of others; and to be thankful and generous in all that they do.

He married the love of his life, Angie (Wagoner) Phillips in 2001, and lived happily with her in Clover Bend for almost two decades. They shared adventures, laughs, memories and the special joy that comes with a growing family as their children gave them grandchildren.

Casey’s many loyal and loving friends enriched his life in so many ways, helping him on every step of his long journey. He cherished the time he spent with them and loved them like family.

Casey loved his family, his friends, his home, and he loved life. He passed from this life as peacefully and gently as he lived it. And still lives on earth in the acts of goodness he performed and in the hearts of those who cherish his memory.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Lance Phillips and Nancy (Rudd) Phillips.

He is survived by his wife, Angie, and their children, Stella Phillips, Cypress Phillips (Meighan), Villard Phillips (Meredith), Alicia McGhee (Matt), Josh Morris (Gena) and Natalee Williams, and grandchildren, Charlie, Genevieve, Catherine, Jack, Millicent, Ford, Abigail and Katie. He is also survived by his loving siblings, Jean Ann, Leslee, Wink (Joette), Joy (Eva) and their families; and his Godson, Michael (Mandy) Williams.

The family invited all who loved Casey to spend time with the family at the Clover Bend School on Saturday, June 5, from 1-4 p.m. A private family ceremony was held later that day on the banks of the Black River in Clover Bend.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you make a donation to the Children’s Shelter in Walnut Ridge or the Clover Bend Historical Society.

An online guestbook is available at

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