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One of my favorite parts of my job is seeing people share clippings of articles or photos from The Times Dispatch on Facebook or getting a phone call or email from someone who has enjoyed something they have read in The TD.

Life it seems is always changing and rearranging, and there has been no shortage of examples of that so far in 2020.

As COVID-19 continues to impact Lawrence County, the state and the nation, Lawrence County Election Commission Chair Judy Verkler said voters should be assured that preparations are being made to provide a save voting experience.

This photo, taken in October of 1988, shows the old Powhatan Post Office building, with the Powhatan Courthouse in background. The photo was taken about a month after Freda Richey, postmaster at the time, said they moved into the new building between the Methodist Church and the Schoolhouse …

Driving back and forth from Paragould to Walnut Ridge, I am quite familiar with the work that is underway to wide Highway 412 in Greene and Lawrence counties.

An estimated crowd of 2,000 people attended the 1984 Skil picnic where food, games, horse drawn wagon rides and prize giveaways were part of the day. Frank Saterfiel (center) announces one of the winners of a paid day of vacation. Gaylon Crain, operations manager, is to the left of Saterfiel…

A group of Walnut Ridge Business and Professional Women members gather for a photo (year unknown), possibly marking an anniversary of the founding of the Arkansas BPW in 1919. The Walnut Ridge chapter is 86 years old. Among those in this photo are (front, far left) Bertha Elkins and (back, f…

As a member of the Beatles at the Ridge Committee, I know firsthand that not holding the event in 2020 was the only decision that could be made, and yet it was definitely not an easy decision.

Jean Lance of Walnut Ridge said talk of a potential meat shortage inspired her to share this historic photo of a “hog killing” that she has had for many years. Henry Lance (from left) and his daughter, Doris Jean Lance; son-in-law, Herbert Hudson; son, Morris Dean Lance; son-in-law, Jasper “…

In 1955, in the small town of Hoxie in Lawrence County, Arkansas, a community made history when leaders stood firm and vowed to do what was “right in the sight of God.”

The Memorial Day holiday traditionally marks the beginning of summer as we remember our veterans who have passed away, especially those who died in the line of duty.

Our annual special section to recognize all Lawrence County high school graduates appears in this week’s Times Dispatch. It is all the more special this year as the Class of 2020 has missed out on many traditions.

This year as we marked Mother’s Day, I didn’t get to be with my mom in person, but we recorded messages that my sister compiled into a video for her.

This photo of two unidentified young ladies was taken on Southwest Second Street (now Abbey Road) in Walnut Ridge in the 1940s. The white two-story building behind them is the old First National Bank, which was torn down in 1974 to make room for the current three-story bank. They are standin…

With Lawrence Countians experiencing a slow down in their lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it should not be an issue for everyone to find the time to complete their Census information.

One thing the coronavirus has done is make me even more aware of how amazing the people of Lawrence County are as they work to help each other in good times and bad.

They say the music you listened to when you were in high school will always be your favorite music. If that’s true with music, it must also be true that the friendships you make in high school will always be special to you.

In 1987, Barton’s purchased their current location in Walnut Ridge from Marlin and Alvin Wilcoxson to relocate, consolidate and build a more modern facility. The location had been the home of the old WalRidge Motel, which was torn down to make way for construction. The foundation of the mote…