As COVID-19 continues to impact Lawrence County, the state and the nation, Lawrence County Election Commission Chair Judy Verkler said voters should be assured that preparations are being made to provide a save voting experience.

She said the state has provided extra supplies to counties to use in November.

In a statement released to local media on Monday, Verkler said Lawrence County is committed to providing a safe environment for all voters and poll workers on Election Day.

She noted the following information regarding protocol at the polling sites:

All polling sites will be sanitized prior to voting.

All pollworkers will be supplied with KN 95 face masks.

Sanitizing gel will be at the entrance of each polling site.

There will be tabletop plexiglass shields at check-in.

Sanitizing wipes will be at the Pollbook check-in.

Disposable stylus pens will be used for signing the Pollbook.

Disposable gloves will be provided for the machine voting.

There will be guides on the floor for six-foot distancing.

During the two weeks of early voting there will also be additional early voting sites. There will be an additional countywide early voting site on each side of the river for one day.

As election commissioners are making plans for the election, many other plans continue to be interrupted.

The coronavirus has caused many cancellations since March, the most recent of which is the Lawrence County Fair, which was announced last week.

Fair Board President James Ratliff said after taking into consideration the safety of both the students at Sloan-Hendrix School where the fairgrounds are and those who would be attending the fair, the board decided to cancel the 2020 event.

As summer baseball and softball are in full swing, the decision on other athletics, as well as how the upcoming school year will be handled, still remains to be seen.

As the virus does not seem to be waning though the summer months, we all anxiously wait to see how the virus will impact businesses, events and other activities in the months ahead.

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