Over the past several weeks we have heard a lot about everyday heroes.

Those on the front line helping battle the virus and those who are working to continue offering essential services to our citizens come to mind immediately.

In addition, there are many stories of neighbor helping neighbor. We in Lawrence County are used to these stories. Here at The TD, we have recently received reports about a couple such stories.

This past week, we heard the story of Sharon Massey, a resident of the BRAD senior housing in Walnut Ridge. Having seen information shared by Mayor Charles Snapp about the importance of the Census, she was concerned that some of her neighbors might not be able to complete theirs.

She said she helped some of her neighbors complete the Census over the phone and others she helped by inviting then into her living room.

“I just happen to have a computer,” Massey said, saying it was no big deal. “I’ve done six or seven. It was easy and I love my neighbors.”

She said she would love to be able to help more people complete their Census, but at 81 years old, the risk of exposure to the coronavirus puts some limits on her activities.

We also heard the story of Susan Dame, a mail carrier in Walnut Ridge, who while on her route in early March heard a lady calling for help. The lady, who had fallen and broken her leg the night before, had been outside since 9 p.m. the night before.

Her daughter, Jennifer Mitchell, shared that her mom called 911 and got help for the lady, who she said they have been told could have passed away on her carport had she not been found.

“I thought it was a pretty amazing story, as my mom was having a really busy day and first thought the cries were from a cat in distress,” Mitchell said. “She could have easily blown it off and went about her day. God put her there to save that woman that day.”

Sometimes as we go about our daily tasks, we can find ourselves in the position to help someone else. We all have opportunities to be a hero to someone.

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