So 2020 might not be the best year to take a big family vacation, that doesn’t mean you can’t make any memories this year.

I jokingly shared a photo grouping on my Facebook page of all the places I have visited this year. Instead of the usual amusement parks or beach shots or other attractions one might expect to see, it was just a bunch of gray boxes.

The truth is, though, there are still ways to do something special in 2020 even if it’s not something traditional.

Rex Nelson has been sharing in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette about his travels across the northern part of the state via Highway 412. His recent columns have highlighted the Lawrence County stretch of the highway.

Perhaps a road trip might be the way to go in 2020. Pick a highway or route you’ve always wanted to explore and set out.

A friend of mine posted on her Facebook that she and her daughter had been “park hopping” – not amusement parks, but area state parks. She pointed out how many state parks are located within just a short drive.

Lawrence County is fortunate to have two state parks, Lake Charles State Park and Powhatan Historic State Park. Residents can also visit parks in neighboring counties for easy day trips.

If you are looking to make a longer vacation out of “park hopping” Arkansas State Parks has a passport program where visitors can have a passport stamped at each park they visit. Perhaps you might make it a goal to visit all 52 parks located in the state.

Or, maybe food is what strikes your fancy. If so, 2020 might be the perfect time to try out the culinary offerings of the many “mom and pop” eateries located in this region.

It could be a quest for the perfect hamburger, the best fried fish, the most delicious barbecue and so much more. What better way to do something fun with the family, while also supporting locally-owned businesses.

If history is your love, many museums, such as our own Wings of Honor Museum in Walnut Ridge, remain open with social distancing guidelines in place.

In addition, there are historic routes that have been designated by the state, as well as many historic sites that are marked for visitors. A list of historic sites in Arkansas, as well as much more, can be found at under the “Things To Do” tab.

And still more options come to mind – the search for the best fishing hole, a tour of area flea markets and antique stores and on and on.

The options are really limitless, let your interests drive you and who knows what wonderful memories you may have to share at the end of the year.

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