This year as we marked Mother’s Day, I didn’t get to be with my mom in person, but we recorded messages that my sister compiled into a video for her.

It was neat to watch it once it was put together with sweet messages of love and greetings from her children and grandchildren.

As my sister pointed out, we are all here and all strong because she made us that way.

For me, my mom has always been my rock – the person I can count on to help me through any problem. Whether I need advice or someone to just listen, she is always there for me.

She has also been my encourager – my biggest fan so to speak. I wouldn’t say I could do no wrong in her eyes, but she always saw the good things about me and she always pushed me to be the best version of myself.

While I was growing up, she was most definitely my conscience. Nothing made me feel worse than letting my mom down. Knowing I disappointed her was as bad as any punishment that was ever administered.

In adulthood, she has been an amazing friend. Long chats about kids, the past, the future, philosophies and life in general are some of my favorite times.

She has always put me first!

Probably the most amazing thing about her is that she did the same for all of my other siblings, as well, and that is no small feat raising five.

In addition, through the years, she has taken many a childhood friend of her own children under her wing and treated them as her own.

As my own children are growing up, all too quickly, I find myself measuring myself against the very high bar of motherhood set by my mom. I fall short often, but when I do, I push myself to try harder.

I remind myself that time spent with children is never wasted, that encouraging words are vital, that accountability is a form of love and that communication in parenting, as in all aspects of life, is crucial.

As I go about my most important job of motherhood, I hope my children see at least a glimmer of my amazing mother shining through me.

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