The Times Dispatch has always been blessed with many contributing writers, guest writers and news sources who submit information to help keep our readers informed.

During these past few months, that network has become even more vital as gathering news is not always easy during a pandemic.

We have always invited submissions, which we feature in the paper as much as we can, but during the COVID-19 crisis, submissions have become even more important to our news production process.

I wanted to both say thank you to those who have faithfully written correspondence, submitted guest features and shared news and photos from local schools, churches and other organizations, and also give some guidance for those who might not know how to go about submitting something to the paper for consideration.

While we do receive some news through the mail, the bulk of our submissions are submitted via email and can be sent to The following are some general guidelines:


When submitting an article, remember that people want to know who, what, when, where, why and how. Always include a phone number and contact name for a reporter to call if more information is needed.

For organizations that submit news regularly, it is important to remember that the newspaper has limited space. Pick the things that are the most important to submit.

It is preferable to receive emailed articles as a Word document or within the text of the e-mail. Often, we cannot read attachments of document files created with other programs.

News can also be submitted through fax at 870-886-9369 or mail at P.O. Box 389, Walnut Ridge, AR 72476.


Many times when TD photographers are not available, a photo from someone involved in an activity can be published in the paper.

Remember to take action photos of a few people instead of trying to get a group picture of everyone involved.

Also, make sure to get close to the subject(s) of the photograph. Often if the photo is taken too far away, it will not be useable.

Photos can also be e-mailed as a jpeg to Photos need to be submitted in as high quality as possible. Generally, if a submitted photo is not run it is because of quality.

In addition to news submissions, we welcome our readers to share historic photos for our Pictures of the Past feature, as well as submit letters to the editor.

Anyone with questions about submissions is encouraged to contact me at 870-886-2464 or It is only with help from each and every one who submits news, photos and information to us that we are able to keep spreading the news about Lawrence County.

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