This has been a week for technical difficulties at The Times Dispatch.

I always say that technology is both a blessing and a curse. While it makes many tasks more efficient (when all is working correctly); when there is a break down in the system, oftentimes it leaves you feeling like your hands are tied.

As we prepared to do our online edition of The Times Dispatch for the Aug. 5 edition, we realized that our site,, was no longer in service.

We are in the process of transitioning to a new format, which will have the same address, but as part of the process, we lost our connection and are unable to post anything to the old site.

Fortunately, our readers can view the new format at until becomes active again. We are offering the site for a short period of time with no login required, so readers can have time to update their subscription accounts with their email addresses and give prospective subscribers a chance to see what the new site has to offer.

Current online and print subscribers are encouraged to email with the email address they would like to use to login to their online account in the future.

Our technical difficulties continued when a storm system hit Michigan Monday evening, including the area where our newspaper is paginated. The storm caused several daily papers in our media group to have to delay printing their Tuesday issue and put us all in a time crunch as we were unable to submit copy and the paginators were unable to begin their work until power was restored.

That delay meant this week’s TD was not paginated until Wednesday, so the newspaper was printed Wednesday night and distributed on Thursday. As I’m writing this column, I’m imagining that many will be confused when they begin looking for the paper on Wednesday, and I’m sure we will get many phone calls from those who do not get the paper in the mail on their usual day.

On the flip side, technology allowed us to once again have a successful Summertime Photo Contest despite our lobby continuing to be closed. The majority of our entries were submitted electronically and share the excitement of this year’s summer, despite the challenges faced due to COVID-19.

In fact, we have mainly remained in contact with our news sources, advertisers and subscribers through technology during these challenging times, which perhaps is what makes it even harder when we have to face technical difficulties.

We are thankful to our loyal supporters and appreciate the words of encouragement we have received as we continue to provide our readers with coverage of Lawrence County in both our print and online editions.

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