Dillon Winemiller (left) is declared winner after recording a 42-second knockout during a recent MMA fight in Memphis.

Dillon Winemiller of Jonesboro, a native of Hoxie, returned to Mixed Martial Arts fighting in 2020 and received knockout of the night at a recent event in Memphis.

Winemiller, who trains under Tommy Walker with The LC in Walnut Ridge, recorded a 42-second knockout during the fights.

A homeschool student, Winemiller always had an interest in weightlifting and boxing and he started competing with the Searcy Boxing Club in 2004 at the age of 12.

After a couple of years of boxing, he transitioned to Mixed Martial Arts under Max Bishop. During that time, he had 11 fights, with 10 wins, nine by knockout.

He stepped away from fighting, but in 2015 he began powerlifting and spent the next few years focusing on that, as well as marrying his wife, Hailey, and having his son, Jensen.

Winemiller found his way back to MMA, and now trains six days a week, three of those days being two-a-day sessions. His typical day starts at 4 a.m. to allow for training and work.

He is the son of Rufus Winemiller of Maynard and the late Alice Roberts.

His sister, Meghan Richenberger, said their parents, as well as their stepfather, Clayton Roberts, who has also passed away, were always big supporters of her brother’s fighting career.

“Our mom was the one who got him into boxing and helped with supporting him during his initial interest in doing MMA,” Richenberger said. “She never missed a fight. She always told him she didn’t mind him fighting, but if he lost he had to use the back door when he got home.”

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